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Regulator Wall Clock   $145

Antique grain painted hanging Regulator wall clock. Has key and pendulum.  Measurements- 10.5”w x 4” deep x 26.5”h.      (RT00290)

Chauncey Jerome Ogee Mantle Clock  $175

19th cen. Chauncey Jerome Ogee mantle clock. Mahogany and birds eye maple case, brass works, original paper label, weights (need to be re-strung), pendulum and key. Measurements - 15.5”w. x 4.5” d. x 26” (RT00207) 

Porcelain Mantle Clock  $139

Antique hand painted porcelain mantle clock. Original clock face missing glass bezel, original brass clock works, no key, no pendulum, missing brass back. Measurements - 9.5”w. x 4” d. x 11.5”h. (PP00260)

Dome Top Mantel Clock  $95

Antique walnut dome top mantel clock with painted glass door. Has pendulum, bell with striker, no key. Measurements - 14”w x 4 “ d. x 16”h.  (RT00503)

Mahogany German Mantle Clock $85

Vintage German mahogany cased mantle clock. Brass embossed dial face, beveled glass door, brass works, pendulum, but no key. Measurements - 11”w x 7.25” d. x 16”h. (WB00107)

Antique Ingraham Clock $165

Ingraham oak gingerbread clock.  Original dial, has key and pendulum. Refinished. Measurements-14.5”h x 5”deep x 22”h.  (CSAC02848)

Mahogany Mantel Case  $95

Antique mahogany case mantel clock with reverse painting on glass. Original finish with gold trim, has pendulum, no key. Measurements - 10.5”w x 4.25” d. x 17.5”h. (RT00505)

German Grandfather Clock  $2995

Antique circa 1900 mahogany case German Grandfather clock with Westminster chimes. Burl panel base, shell and leaf carvings with tobacco leaf carving under the face, columned front, broken arch pediment top with finial (detached due to height) brass face with sun and moon dial. Original finish and in working condition. Measurements - 22.5”w x 16.5” d. x 104.5”h (TAB00610)

Black Label Beer Wall Clock  $59.95

Vintage Black Label light up advertising sign. Measurements - 13”w. x 4” d. x 17”h. (WH00988)

Coca Cola Wall Clock  $295

Vintage Coca Cola electric fishtail advertising wall clock. Running condition. Measurements - 15.5”w. x 2”d. x 15.5”h. (WH00754)

Gingerbread Mantel Clock  $95

Antique walnut gingerbread mantel clock with painted glass door. Has pendulum, no key. Measurements - 13.5”w x 4.5” d. x 21.5”h.  (RT00504)

Round Walnut Wall Clock  $70

Antique walnut round hanging wall clock. Does work, painted metal dial face, brass clockworks. Measurements - 14” dia. x 4.5” deep (WB00142)

We recommend inspecting the item in person and purchasing at our store.  We try to show the beauty and the flaws of each piece but photos are not the same as seeing, touching, and checking the piece yourself.   If you can't come to our store to inspect and purchase a piece you want, contact us with any questions and we'll work with you.  We don't ship but will work with the shipper you arrange.  Phone purchases can be made with a valid credit card (Discover, MasterCard or Visa only).  Please review the photographs and our terms carefully.  All prices are before Virginia's 5.3% sales tax.