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Timeless Treasures

Antique Slat Bottom Rocker  $50

Antique mixed wood slat bottom rocker. Refinished. Measurements- 24”w x 30” long x 36”h.       (TT00024)

Child's Rocker  $40

Nicholls and Stone painted and stenciled child’s rocker. Measurements - 18”w. x 22” long x 27.5”h. (PP00025)

Mahogany Rocker   $45

Vintage mahogany rocker.  Measurements- 26”w x 29” long x 35”h.  Missing 1 spindle on the arm.  (BF00910)

Shaker Walnut Rocker  $145

Antique Shaker #3 production (1880’s) maple stained walnut rocker. Original finish with rush bottom seat. Measurements - 20”w x 21” d. x 35”h. (WB00093)

Antique Wicker Rocker  $60

Antique black painted wicker rocker. No wicker issues, needs to be re-painted and replace cane seat.  Measurements- 22”w x 32” long x 42”h.  (BF00916)

Oak Rocker $145

Antique oak half spindle back rocker with pressed cane seat in great condition. Refinished.  Measurements- 23”w x 34” long x 42.5”h.                  


We recommend inspecting the item in person and purchasing at our store.  We try to show the beauty and the flaws of each piece but photos are not the same as seeing, touching, and checking the piece yourself.   If you can't come to our store to inspect and purchase a piece you want, contact us with any questions and we'll work with you.  We don't ship but will work with the shipper you arrange.  Phone purchases can be made with a valid credit card (Discover, MasterCard or Visa only).  Please review the photographs and our terms carefully.  All prices are before Virginia's 5.3% sales tax.  

Caned Rocker  $69.50

Antique walnut caned back and bottom rocker. Measurements - 16.5”w x 29.5” long x 35”h. (LG00001)

Mahogany Rocker        $45

Vintage mahogany pressed cane seat rocker. Original finish, cane in very good condition. Measurements-17”w x 28” long x 35”h.    (TT00129)