Brass & Iron Scales  $209.95

Large brass and iron scales. Has porcelain plate and brass bowl. Measurements - 24”w x 13” d. x 38”h.  (LNE05090)

Blackstone Antiques & Crafts Mall

Timeless Treasures

Crocheted Bedspread  $110

Crocheted double size bedspread.



Automobile Wheel  $84.95

Vintage iron and wood spoke automobile wheel. Measurement-23” dia.  (LNE05095) Has 2 more if needed.

AFH Co. Snowshoes  $150

Pair of WWII era snowshoes made by AFH Co., Wallingford, VT. Dated 1943. Measurements - 10”w. x 57” long. (WH00028)

Cast Iron Door Stop  $225

19th cen. (1880’s) Cast iron floral basket doorstop with original paint. Measurements - 9”w x 12”h.  (LNE01789)

John Deere Wagon $399

Bench made John Deere painted wooden child’s wagon with seat.  Measurements-84” long x 28”w x 24”h.


We recommend inspecting the item in person and purchasing at our store.  We try to show the beauty and the flaws of each piece but photos are not the same as seeing, touching, and checking the piece yourself.   If you can't come to our store to inspect and purchase a piece you want, contact us with any questions and we'll work with you.  We don't ship but will work with the shipper you arrange.  Phone purchases can be made with a valid credit card (Discover, MasterCard or Visa only).  Please review the photographs and our terms carefully.  All prices are before Virginia's 5.3% sales tax.  

Featured Collectible & Fun Items

Burswood Guitar $175

Burswood acoustic guitar with maple and cherry case.  Mother of pearl inlay on the neck of the guitar, paper label with signature inside the guitar, includes a nylon softcase carrying case. Measurements- 41.5”h x 5”deep x 15” wide. 


Vintage Galveston Guitar $299

Galveston acoustic guitar in blue.  Model # ACE-6E.  Has original paper label, rosewood neck with mother of pearl, built in graphic equalizer. Measurements- 40”h x 15”w x 3.5” deep.  (CSAC05582)

Hand Woven Coverlet  $135

19th cen. overshot hand woven (on loom) coverlet. Colors-Pink, black and white. Measurements - 8’5” long x 67.5”w (WB00063)